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Default WP Rocket Settings

WP Rocket’s default settings are sufficient for speeding up any website.

The above solutions claimed to be Web performance principles for a blazing fast web site that apply automatically to 80 per cent. However, for maximum performance, we may adjust various parameters.

Best WP Rocket Settings
Default WP Rocket Settings

Recommended WP Rocket Settings to achieve loading times of less than 1sec

Here are the finest WP Rocket Settings in a nutshell; for more information on each topic, see the next section.

Best WP Rocket SettingsEnable / Disable
Cache– Enable mobile cache
– Disable User Cache
File Optimization– Minify CSS and JS
– Enable Combining CSS and JS
– Enable Optimize CSS delivery
– Load JS deferred
Media– Enable Lazy Loading
– Disable Emojis and WordPress Embeds
– Enable WebP Caching, use ShortPixel to generate WebP images
– Enable Image Dimensions
Preload Cache– Enable Sitemap based cache preloading
– Enable Internal link preloading
– Prefetch DNS in case of using third-party scripts
– Preload Google fonts is recommended if loading external fonts
Advanced Rules– Add your sitemap in the Never Cache URL(s)
– Only use other rules if you are very sure of it, otherwise, the default setting is fine
Database– Enable Post revisions, auto drafts, and trashed posts cleanup under Post Cleanup
– Enable Auto Transients Cleanup and Database Cleanup
– Set Automatic cleanup frequency to Monthly or Fortnightly (sync it with backup)
CDN– Enable CDN if you are using one.
– We recommend using Cloudflare.
Heartbeat– Enable Heartbeat Control
Add-Ons– Enable Google Analytics to remove browser caching warning for Google Analytics
Image Optimization– Auto Enabled if you use the Imagify plugin
Tools– Useful to import and export WP Rocket plugin settings
Recommended WP Rocket Settings to achieve loading times of less than 1sec

WP Rocket helps us reach less than 400 m of pingdom load times; 100 percent of GTmetrix and 99 of Google PageSpeed performance scores. Our 273.2 kb main page scores 93 with only 17 applications on the KeyCDN speed control tool.

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