Cashback Tracker WordPress Plugin

Download Free Cashback Tracker WordPress Plugin v1.9.0

Cashback Tracker WordPress Plugin Free Download 1.9.0 – CodeCanyon | Cashback Tracker WordPress Plugin 1.9.0 provides for the tracking of a user’s purchases from network stores and the payment of a portion of the commission to the user. This provides extra incentive for people to make purchases on your site rather than visiting retailers directly.

Owners of major cashback affiliate websites pay developers thousands of dollars because this involves API connections, a user database and points, and live tracking. We couldn’t find a ready-made solution for cashback sites on WordPress, so we decided to create our own because it was a popular request from our clients.

How does it work?

The Cashback Tracker plugin serves two purposes: order tracking and connection with the MyCred point system plugin. The plugin provides the following options:

  • Subscription ID is generated automatically: If you utilize the plugin’s shortcode for affiliate links, the plugin will assign a unique Sub ID to each logged-in user.
  • Order monitoring. When a user purchases a product, the plugin will keep track of his order. It will be marked as pending by default. When you receive commission, your order will be processed, and you will be able to share a portion of the commission with the user.
  • Pages for Advertisers are automatically created.
  • MyCred Integration: The plugin can generate a limited number of point categories. Each order status is convertible to points. MyCred plugin offers many extensions; you can give users actual money for their points or allow them to use their points on your site.
  • Import discounts and deals to your WordPress site automatically.


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