WhatsApp media not showing in gallery app fix [Android]

One way is to change the in-app settings for all the chats in WhatsApp for media visibility, follow these steps:

1. Launch WhatsApp and Click on the vertical ellipsis icon “” in the top right corner of the phone’s screen and tap on settings.

3. Now, click on “Chats.”

4. In the Chats menu, toggle the “Media Visibility” switch “on.”

The newly downloaded media will start to show in the phone’s gallery app by ensuring that the media visibility switch is turned on. At the same time, the previously downloaded files will not show in the phone’s gallery app.

Users can also copy-paste the images with-in the phone’s storage if they wish for the older media to be shown with the newly downloaded files.

1. Open the internal storage.

2. Follow this path: Storage > Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images.

3. Copy and paste the files to the folder where the new files are shown in the gallery app.

4. Additionally, similar steps can also be done for video files.

Steps to fix files not showing for a particular contact in WhatsApp

1. Launch WhatsApp and open the contact’s chat whose pictures are not showing in the phone’s gallery app.

2. Open the chat settings by tapping on the contact’s name and click on “Media Visibility.”

3. Select “Yes” from the options to allow WhatsApp to store media in the phone’s gallery app.

Using these methods, a user can solve the issue of media not showing in the phone’s gallery app.

WhatsApp media not showing in Photos app fix [iOS]

In WhatsApp settings:

Furthermore, these steps will lead users into fixing WhatsApp media not showing in the Photos app of iOS.

1. Launch WhatsApp and click on “Settings” in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. In the settings menu, click on “Chats.”

3. Once in the Chats menu, toggle the “Save to camera roll” button on.

Implementing these settings will allow WhatsApp to save pictures to the Photos app in iOS. However, users should make sure one more setting is enabled by following the steps explained further.

In the general settings of iOS

1. Open settings and navigate to the “Privacy” section.

2. Once in the privacy section, click on “Photos.”

3. Tap on “WhatsApp” in the photos menu.

4. In the WhatsApp menu of privacy settings, change the allow photos access to “All Photos.”

There you have it, the methods that enable your device to save media from WhatsApp chats into the phone’s gallery.