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If you want to comment on Facebook, you have to write something there, otherwise it is not possible to comment.

But have you ever wondered, how can you make a blank comment yourself? And to many it is unbelievable how it is possible. In fact, everything will be possible, if you take the right approach!

Today I will discuss in this post of Facebook series how you can easily bank comment below anyone’s post.

If you want to know it now, read this post to the end. If you follow a small process, you can do it very easily! And for this you will need a small code. If you comment in someone’s comment box, that comment will be automatically blacked out. What fun!

There will show your profile picture and your name, and no other writing will show. Anyone who sees that can get dizzy.

The code is: @@ + [1: [0: 1:]]

If you copy this code and paste it directly into someone’s comment box, it won’t work! To make the code work, you need to remove the (+) sign in front of it and comment on everything else.

And then it will work and you can easily make blank comments on Facebook!

- A word from our sposor -

How To Make Blank Comments on Facebook.