Different apps can help you to protect your folder password in Windows 11, but if you use the version of Windows 11 Pro you won’t need it. Windows has integrated file encryption which is applicable for all Windows versions except Windows 11 Home. You will see how you can use the built-in Windows encryption and software for password protecting a folder under Windows 11.

This article will show you how to password protect a folder in Windows 11 to keep snoopers out of your files.

In Windows 11, add a password in a folder

To password protect a folder in Windows 11, follow the steps outlined below. Note: all versions of Windows 11 are supported except Windows 10 Home by this method. Therefore you simply move to the next method when using Windows 10 Home.

  • Open the Windows Explorer on your computer and head to the folder where you want to protect your password.
  • Now, right-click the folder and select Properties. In the folder’s properties window, select advanced.
How To Password Protect a Folder In Windows 11
  • You will be head to the advanced attributes window. Here you will find a check box saying encrypt contents to secure data. Check this checkbox, and then click on OK.
How To Password Protect a Folder In Windows 11
  • Back to the main window and click Apply.
  • The attribute changes window will be confirmed in the header. Here are two options – change this folder only and change it, subfolders and files. You can use the following options.
  • Apply folder changes – Only the folder will be encrypted in this option.
  • Modify that folder, subfolders and files—The folder and subfolder and files will be encrypted with this option.
  • Choose between two options as you wish, then click OK.
  • After that, you receive a notice requesting that your encryption key be backed up. Now click on the option backup.
Backup Now
  • Next, insert your computer’s USB flash drive. Track the instructions on the screen. Your encryption certificate will be created, including the access key to the encrypted folder and exported to the USB drive you inserted.
How To Password Protect a Folder In Windows 11
  • Ensure that you have at least 10 characters in your password.
  • Check that your password includes both a top case and a lower case letter. Make sure you have an alpha-numeric password, too. You should also use it if it is permissible to use special characters in your passwords.
  • Make sure you copy and write down the password, so that you don’t forget it.
  • Click OK and close all Windows once completed.

Accessing The Password Protected Folder

You can only access the folder if you are logged in to your account. To access the folder, you will also need the password. To gain access to the folder, double-click on it, and then enter the password you created. After entering the password, you will be able to view the entire contents of the file. However, if you have encrypted the folder’s contents, you will also need the password to access them.

Password Protect a Folder Use of Third Party Software

You could use third party software such as Easy File Locker to protect the password of folders when you are using Windows 11 Home. The free software for your Windows PC is available. You must download Easy File Locker and then install it on your PC from the official web site.

Easy File Locker

You have to set up a password to use this software and then select the file or folder to encrypt. Then the file can be password protected. Only by entering the password you have set can you access the content of the file.

In Windows 11, this is how you can protect the password from a folder. You can use a folder protection password and keep your material private. In this way, even if they use your computer, no one can access your files. You can use the steps mentioned in this Article to lock or password protect a folder in Windows 11 to easily password to protect a folder.

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