Unfortunately, you can’t get a Facebook message or chat you have already removed—as soon as you have chosen to delete a post, it has gone away for good from your side of the speak. When it is not a choice to retrieve data via Facebook, this tricks will teach you how to try to locate a copy of the messages on your Facebook elsewhere and how to avoid potential messaging losses.

How To Completely Recover Deleted Facebook Messages:?

  • STEP 1- Log in to your Facebook Account & Go to Settings.
  • STEP 2- From General Account Settings > Click on ‘Your Facebook Information’ section.
  • STEP 3- Click on ‘Download Your Information’ button.
  • STEP 4- Check on the data you wish to download, include your Messages & Click on ‘Create File’.
  • STEP 5- Once your files are processed, Click on Download button to recover lost/deleted messages.

To continue the operation, press the ‘Download’ button. For security purposes, you will be requested to enter your password.

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And this way you can easily recover your deleted messages.

Have Fun!!!