One of Windows 11’s major changes is that the taskbar has moved to the center of the screen. However, if you decided to make a taskbar fully transparent. You are at the right place, this guide will show you how to easily transparent the Windows 11 task bar.

Make Transparent Taskbar in Windows 11

For the purpose of this, we’ll use the TranslucentTB app to make the Windows 11 taskbar completely transparent.

Step 1. Go to Microsoft Store and then search for TranslucentTB and click the Install button to install it.

Step 2. After the download is complete, click on Launch.

Step 3. A pop-up will appear that will ask you agree to the license. Click on Yes.

Step 4. Your taskbar will now automatically become completely transparent.

With TranslucentTB, you can make the taskbar fully transparent, opaque or blurred.

This App combines status like Maximized Fenster, Start Menu Open, Cortana Open and Timeline Open in addition to changing your color and personalization for your tasktable.

They all have a personalized taskbar look to provide you with a visually pleasing taskbar tailored to your wishes.

TranslucentTB is a small, free-to-use application, however, you can also try Microsoft TaskbarX App at very little price if you’re looking for some other way to achieve this effect and much more.