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If you comment This, your Facebook account will ban…

There are many codes on Facebook that can be used to ban your Facebook account. And so you have to avoid these codes. Now you may not know what the codes are. This is why if anyone tells you to comment with these codes And then you get 500 auto followers for posting or more. Or any other greed will ask you to comment on those codes! But beware, if you comment on that status in the comment box of any status published on Facebook, then your Facebook ID will be directly banned.

But why?

In fact, these codes on Facebook are invalid codes! You can’t use them if you want to because Facebook doesn’t allow them.

Now if you are over-smart, or comment on this code to verify me, then the risk is yours.

If you want to see the proof then follow the screenshot below. You see, first I commented a code on the ID from here, then see what happened?

You see, after 5 seconds of commenting, the Facebook authorities blocked my ID.

Now if you make this comment, you must have understood what stage you will be in? But yes, do not use the work for bad purposes. Don’t tell anyone that you can get a lot of like comments if you comment on it. If you use it for bad purposes then you are responsible for it. I am not responsible for it in any way!

Let’s find out what are the codes?

  • http:// 582838195919
  • http:// 83816818481
  • http:// 8381859195
  • http:// 1939838482939
  • http:// 9494939383
  • http:// 5728385828
  • http:// 938385883
  • http:// 939394948463
  • http:// 17271747483842
  • http:// 95838372721
  • http:// 582849101
  • http:// 92958291929
  • http:// 39194919294
  • http:// 92929102051
  • http:// 962919191916
  • http:// 9682682816
  • http:// 94719581742
  • http:// 92817481741
  • http:// 381637184
  • http:// 92928383718
  • http:// 525254

If someone asks you to comment with such a code, your Facebook ID will be locked. Then stay 100 hands away from this idea or from commenting like this.

Otherwise, it will not take long for your ID to be banned. Because the Facebook authorities are very strict about this!

- A word from our sposor -

If You Comment This, Your Facebook Account Will Ban…