Did you know that what were you thinking?

Can actually happen, the thoughts you put into your head is what is going to happen in the future?

Everything that you do is regulated by something called the law of attraction. Everything you attract into your life is coming into it because you choose the path to come to you both the other way around.

So so you might be thinking about everything that happens.

Do you think it’s fate?

It is not, it’s really based on one simple fact. The energy you put out into the world is the energy that comes back to you.

To get the results you actually want you want to put the energy out there to read it and to show who you really are, and it’s going to track the same thing back into your life as well in this post.

We’re going to be learning about how to attract more money, better relationships.

Getting that promotion, you always wanted basically anything you want in your life, you can attract to you using the power of positive thinking.

Positive thinking, the law of attraction, you hear about it so often, what does it really mean?

Can you achieve it?

Can you really transform your life using the power of your mind?

Can you really change your life and achieve your wildest dreams just with the law of attraction, just

with positive thinking?

Well, my friend, you’re in the right place because here, you will get everything. You will learn the power of the mind. You will learn what it means to think positively and know life is not rosy every day, all day, all year.

But you can change your mind to achieve your wildest dreams. And I know what I’m talking about. I used to be very rational, very logical thinking. And this can happen and step A and B and C and the logical mind. It’s not the right way to achieve your wildest dreams.

Once I learned that my mind is so powerful that what I think creates a feeling and a feeling creates a behavior or the behavior creates an action and the action is it creates the result.

The power of the mind, hacking your brain, but also overcoming fears because they will appear, this is a very practical post. You will learn about the money, money and energy.

But how do you think how you change your thoughts about money when you were raised like, oh, you have to work hard to get money?

Well, again, everything is in this Post.

Positive thinking has so many benefits, it will help you get healthier. Body and mind is connected. You will feel better. You will create better relationships. You will achieve your dreams and your goals.

And trust me, there’s so much more.

You just have to get going.

Benefits Of Positive Mindset.

What are the benefits of positive thinking?

OK, we hear about the law of attraction, we hear about positive thinking, does it mean that life is always positive?

No, of course not.

There are good days and less good days.

There are days that that you will worry that our days that something happens in the environment, that our days, that, you know, you cannot control the environment, you cannot control outside events,

you cannot control the whole, you know, pandemic. You cannot control other people’s behaviors.

But you can always, always control your own thoughts.

You can always control how you react because your thoughts create a feeling. The feeling creates a behavior. The behavior creates an action and the action creates a result.

But the everything everything the source of everything comes from here comes from upside in your mind, in your head, that will create a feeling of behavior and action and a result.

So if fear comes up, what is fear? Fear comes from a thought.

You have a fear in a thought that creates an anxious tension, you know, feeling anxiety and you will respond in a fearful way, in an anxious you will respond with tension if you can learn how to change and shift that so that you get power over the fear, so that you use the power of your mind to beat the fear and to actually do what you want to do.

Look, another example.

If you say like, oh, but I want that career and I don’t have it again, you come from a place of lack. If you come from a place of lack.

And how can you achieve something?

No, go back to your thoughts and the power of your mind.

Like, wait a minute, what do I have?

What is working?

Well, positive thinking means changing the face of lack into a place of abundance.

And even if you think but I don’t have anything I want and I don’t have abundance.

Yes, you do.

There’s always things that you come back to.

What are you grateful for today?

What what is it that you do have?

You know, it could be as simple as breathing the air, that having your health, having family, having friends, having a roof over your head.

There’s always things, small things, big things, whatnot.

But there are always things that create that that positivity, that abundance, and that will create more abundance.

Think abundance.

You will attract more abundance, think black, you will attract more select laks or so benefits.

Benefits are that with this positive thinking, you will attract better relationships into your life because you come from a positive mindset and a positive energy.

And that creates more energy and positivity in your life through relationships.

You will boost your immune system because the body and the mind are so connected.

And if you think positive and you feel good in your mind, your body will will also feel good like, you know, junk food, junk brain, junk body, healthy food, healthy brain, healthy body, everything is interconnected and it is connected so that relationships you will achieve your goals, you will achieve your wildest dreams.

You will create a better immune system, better health. You will be happier.

The benefits are endless, but that you can only notice, feel this, achieve this field.

The results of this if you apply it day after day after day.

So make sure you go through all the lessons because they’re all important.

International Motivation:

Internal motivation is more important than external, external motivation comes from external sources such as somebody else many times, two and a half haloes.

Now, those people who are not going to believe in you, if you’re influenced by what they say and you think in personally, you will never actually achieve your dreams.

There’s always going to be somebody who is going to say something. And it could be a close family member or a friend or relative. It could be just about nobody.

But if you take and listen to them, their doubts, their insecurities, everything that they tell you reflects themselves, not what you’re capable of doing.

So if you take whatever they say and you think it is you, you will never become what you want to be.

If you want to become your greatest and the best potential you can be, you’ve got to work well within, you know, sometimes those going to be hard and trying times.

While nobody believes in you and you don’t even believe in yourself, you get to still believe in you. You still find something as small spark of hope. And to do that, it is quite simple.

What you need to do is to focus on all the great and positive things you ever accomplished up until now.

Get down a piece of paper and write it all down.

Have you gotten a degree in the past?

What have you accomplished before?

Have you mastered the art of wonderland?

You mastered some sport.

Have you beat somebody in chess?

Have you beat somebody in a video game?

Have you done something that you felt so great for the whole purpose of you writing down everything that you have accomplished that was great in your life, first of all, shows that you’re capable of doing this to try to create and think of the feeling that you have when you actually got to that level, the same exact method that you went about and got any of those things in the past.

Could it be replicated once again in the future for you to replicate the same success?

Again, you had to focus on what you did. That was great back then. How did you get back to that state of mind?

So it doesn’t matter if it is ten years past twenty years, Studios’, regardless of how many years in the past it was, regardless of how hard it was back then, the struggle for you with Ben right now to get where you want to get is more important than what you’re going to be doing is comparing the past, the good events that influence your life and you’re going to be trying to do them right now in the past.

So when are you waiting for get out a piece of people?


Failure = Success

Failure is actually a success.

Anybody who tells you you’re a loser, you know, accomplish anything just because you tried it so many times and you failed every single time. That doesn’t mean anything to anyone.

Benjamin Franklin, who invented the light bulb, he failed thousands of times.

Some people, some of the greatest people on this planet, they failed many times to go out and talk about the most famous person that you probably know, Steve Jobs.

Well, he failed many times as well. And he kept on trying it over and over again until he perfected some of the world’s greatest products. Friendly doesn’t mean anything, but it means that you haven’t tried it good enough.

But it also means that you haven’t tried it in the direction it should go to what you would have failed at something the ideal could have been totally executed correctly. What you should have been doing is trying it in a different business model, those people who are totally believers in the business model that they’re doing.

But the ideal is not good. But if they replicated the same exact thing in a different kind of a business model, they could have been totally successful. You got to know exactly when you could go ahead and call it a failure and move on to something else and try the same exact method out. Of course, sometimes you got to keep trying with something you already are good at.

After a while, you have to understand when it is time for you to quit, but not quit doing what you’re doing when you go to success. Just quit that specific project. Sometimes they can’t work is the best thing you can ever do. You take a break, you come back super energized, ready with new thoughts, new methods, new ways for you to succeed.

So failure is not a failure.

It’s only a failure for those who give up and never try again. If you’re willing, able and now interested in putting the time and effort, you’ll be rewarded more than 100 times over by putting a lot of effort into what you’re doing when you’re applying for many different jobs.

How much time and effort are you putting into every kind of a job search if you’re just putting a bit of effort into a lot of different jobs?

So let’s say, for example, you’re applying to hundreds of different jobs every single week. Why not apply to one specific job and put as much as you can your best foot forward into the most potential kind of jobs that they’re going to get you?

Some voices just pointing it out to so many different voices that your effort seems not to be so much.

So if you have not really good appled put into your project, you’re getting nothing out of it, although you are trying so hard, but you’re trying it in so many different places.

Well, business won’t work with anything else, for that matter. If you’re doing many different businesses, it’s hard for you to focus on one and become very good at it.

You have to focus on what you’re good at figuring out, which is your strengths, and put as much as you can into the things that you’re not so good at. Whatever way you can always do so much better value is an option, but it’s not something you have to do.

Power of Positive MindSet

Success starts with a positive mindset, not everybody is born with a positive mindset. Some people are negative by nature. Other people are super positive, being super positive about everything. Sometimes when people in the wrong direction, same thing about always being negative.

The best place to be is if you’re super negative, you got to see the other side being more positive. If you are positive, you got to see more negative. Being close minded in either direction is going to get, you know, if you have started being somewhat negative.

Well, most people most population is actually is. Why are they super negative? Why are used to go negative? It was a poll that a lot of times you failed and after you failed, you failed again. And you keep on thinking I’m a loser.

I can’t get anything done.

I can never, ever be like you.

That is not true at all.

What you have to do is change your mindset. So how do you change your mindset? You start to think and try to find something positive in any negative situation.

For example, you don’t have any money. You don’t have any money right now.

It mean you will not have any money in the future.

If you don’t have any money saved up, you can save a little bit every single week if you don’t have any money whatsoever. You can still try to save by a little bit.

Every little bit ends up and it becomes bigger and bigger, bigger over time.

Same thing about being negative mindset.

What you all is, what you think you keep on feeding the negative hopes of energy, you start thinking about everything negative, and then you start to analyze it. What could go along with what you’re doing, what all those all those negative things that could happen if you do it this way and you’re refusing to see anything positive that could happen.

For example, if you apply for this job, think about all the negative consequences of your way. Then you decide this job is not for you and you’re going to be moving on and applying to a different job and you’re missing an opportunity. Somebody offered you a job and you decided to take it. The reason for that quite simple. You thought about all we think negative. That could happen if you did take the job and you failed to watch and figure out anything positive.

Being close minded in this kind of situation is not beneficial for you. So you have to try to think about something positive. Being an entrepreneur is so hard because a lot of it, a lot of money. You get commission on you, a lot of money depends on how much effort you put into the work that you put into it.

There’s going to be times, superyacht times as an entrepreneur on what you make almost nothing. There’s going to be times you’re going to make so much you wouldn’t want to walk out again.

In fact, you make so much that you don’t want to go ahead and walk about it again. And Sopranos being one is very amazing job.

At the same time, it’s not level one because you can have a negative or positive mindset. You better always think about the positive way that you’re going to get to the next level and how you’re going to be doing it, though, for the positive mindset for people who no longer work in Anticline. It’s essential to your success.