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In this trick, blinked.info will demonstrate that you can type several Facebook color codes into your comment or Facebook timeframe, so colorless text will appear.

If you want to use a background color like the Blue Facebook Background color to color my mobile application. What then is its hexadecimal code?

Here’s a lot of code you’re allowed to use.

Facebook Color Code Condition:-

When you type this code in your comment or timeline, there are many Facebook applications that do not show that ass, if you use the old Facebook App.

  1. <fg=b0ffd700> golden
  2. <fg=b0000000> black
  3. <fg=b0ff7f00> orange
  4. <fg=b0ffff00> yellow
  5. <fg=b0ff00ff> light pink
  6. <fg=b0ff007f> dark pink
  7. <fg=b0ff0000> redish pink
  8. <fg=b0800000> brown
  9. <fg=b0ffc0cb> light purple
  10. <fg=b06f00ff> dark blue
  11. <fg=b0c0c0c0> grey
  12. <fg=80ffffff> sky blue
  13. <fg=b000ffff> light blue
  14. <fg=b0bf00ff> purple
  15. <fg=b08f00ff> dark purple
  16. <fg=b0808000> mehandi green
  17. <fg=b0ba55d3> light purple
  18. <fg=b0f000f0> majenta
  19. <fg=b00000ff> blue
  20. <fg=b0b08080> steel grey
  21. <fg=b0000080> movve
  22. <fg=b0964b00> light brown
  23. <fg=f0f00f0f> red
  24. <fg=b000ff00> green

(”fg” for font color & ”bg” for background color (Fg can be removed by ”bg” to change the back ground color)

To use these codes you must use the following formula correctly or else this code will not work!

<b> <fg = Here’s your color code> Here’s your text!

Have Fun!!!

- A word from our sposor -

New Facebook Color Codes & How to use all Facebook color codes.