In various ways, men and women express their affection and devotion. Most women say, ‘I love you,’ overwhelmingly and regularly, while most men show deep affinidad in everyday activities.

It can be confusing, but because the fact is, men and women, think differently. So, we decide to investigate for you and list seven common behaviors that show him to be in love with you, even if he does not say it.

We genuinely believe love is what you’re doing and not necessarily what you are talking about. It’s easy to say, “I love you,” but the behavior reveals real love.

Are you aware?

He’s not scared of making sacrifices for you

Making sacrifices for other people is easier to do when it comes to someone we care for. It takes selflessness, maturation, and, most of all, passion. Relationships require a balance of shared responsibility, otherwise, one party would be left disappointed.

Men who are in love feel immense frustration at the thought that their lady is unhappy, and if they can avoid it, they will. Often they’re going to go above and beyond to make things work out, only because it’s very important to their spouse.

If your man can make sacrifices for your happiness, that’s just one way to say, “I love you,” without actually saying it.

He listens even though what you say has nothing to do with him.

Studies have shown that women listen better than men. So if a man not only hears you, but he also listens and reacts actively – an ability called active listening – you can trust him.

He’s just as interested in hearing you talk about your friends or the story of your childhood as he is in hearing you talk about him. He wants to hear what you have to say, because he wants to know more about you and be as close to you as he can be. He cares for you, so he cares about everything you care about.

He reveals his weakness.

Men appear to be careful when exhibiting some behaviour, which some view as a weakness. They believe they must preserve a flawless intensity façade.

But he starts letting down the guard when a man is in love. He gets more relaxed and reveals his true feelings. Vulnerability may take time, but he trusts you enough to leave his ward around you if even an ounce has been shown.

He’s proud of you.

When a man really loves a woman, he shows it by bragging about you. Yep, that’s right a real man isn’t shy about saying how proud he is of you.

You should be certain, whether you’re a great mother, a hard worker or achieve your goals, that the caring man does not go unnoticed. So that’s his way of saying, “I love you,” when he says it to you.

The big take away here is that when a man loves a woman, he’ll think she is beautiful no matter what she looks like. 

So when he tells you, “You’re beautiful,” when you feel like a mess, take it for what it is and remember that is the equivalent to saying, “I love you.”

He politely treats your family and friends.

This is surely one of the MOST important. It’s a given that in any relationship, a man should automatically show you, your family, and friend’s respect.  The reason is simple; he cares for you and he needs to properly treat them with care as well.

While he may not like every single one of your family members or  “catty” friends, he’ll keep his opinion to himself, because he knows how much they mean to you. Creating a good report with them is definitely his way of showing you he loves you, without actually saying it.

He respects your opinions

Wherever he has a decision or a dilemma as to how to move forward, you are the first person to whom he speaks. He has faith in your instincts and understands that you know him better than anyone else. Even if he has mostly made up his mind, he will always ask for his facts, because if what you have to say is real to him, it’s more than happy to change his mind. Actually it does.

He won’t forget the little things

Nothing says “I love you” like a person who knows even the most boring things you said to them. You might be very sure whether he knows the name or cooks the food you cooked your favorite one three weeks ago, even though you’ve forgotten that you ever told him that you had it.

He’s physical about it.

I’m not talking here about sexual intimacy, I ‘m talking about spontaneous pokes, or never miss a chance to hug you. If he likes you, he’s going to feel a persistent need to hold your head, kiss, or just take care of you.

He initiates conversations about the future.

Talking about the future is scary, no matter how you feel about someone. It will often lead to awkward and vulnerable conversations where the two of you are trying to figure out where the other person stands and whether or not it’s okay to sound excited or nervous. But as long as your partner wants to have the conversation, it’s clear they’re imagining a life with you.

He makes time for you

Everyone is busy and they can cancel plans all the time. But not with your man. He takes out time to be with you and see you, even if it’s for a short period.

He makes you feel safe, He protects you

Men like to make a woman feel safe and protected when they’re in love with her. They don’t necessarily need to knock somebody’s teeth out to make you believe that. He will just be there by your side in difficult times.

He notices when something is wrong, even if you don’t mention it first. He knows you well enough to know when you’re not in a great mood, even if you won’t admit it. But also, you should just admit it, since he knows anyway.

He’ll go out of his way for you

It doesn’t matter when you need, if you call him, he will come to you.

If you need advice, a ride, some help, or just a shoulder to cry on, he’ll find a way to get to you and make sure that everything is okay.

He drops everything when you need him most. It’s not even a question. If you need him, for whatever reason, he’s there. He doesn’t drag his feet or complain about it, or remind you later that he helped you out.

You are his priority

While work and family are pretty important to him, he wants you to know that you are someone special in his life. That means that he puts your needs over his own and he’ll compromise where he can to make you happy.

He’s complimenting you

Guys who care for you are going out of their way to let you know that you look fine. Even on your darkest days, he’s going to find something good to say about you to raise your spirits.

It’s not that he’s just blowing smoke your way: he may not be able to say that he really loves you, but he can say it in other ways.

He would like to please you

He would make an effort to make you happy. When he says something like, “as long as you’re happy, he ‘s happy,” you know, he’s yours.

He holds his word

He’s the man of his word. A man who respects and loves you will always keep his word. Yes, he might forget some specifics, but not the major ones that matter in the relationship.

He supports your dreams.

The first sign of true love is that your partner allows you to pursue the direction you have chosen, rather than attempt to build one for you. Otherwise, it can be difficult to choose between the one you love and the thing you’re supposed to do.

He doesn’t hold a grudge.

Yeah, you might argue, but he’s not always mad at you. Communication is a vital part of the relationship, and you know that while things might not always be convenient, in the end, you are always able to make an effort to fix things.

He would drop everything to come to you

Regardless of how important everything else is in his life, you are his number one priority. You just know that he would come running if you needed him to save you.

He gets a little jealous

This may be a surprising sign, but when you think about it, jealousy is a natural reaction that men find hard to control.

And if they show jealousy, it’s a clear sign that they have strong emotions for you.

“Jealousy is among the most human of all emotions. You feel jealous when you think you are going to lose a relationship you really value.”

Even in large groups, if he loves you, he might go out of his own way to make sure he is closer to you, and interrupting conversations with other men.

Not all men will do this. After all, they won’t want to be too controlling.

But they may ask you why you were talking to a particular guy. He might not even realize himself, but his actions speak louder than his words.

He doesn’t judge you for your craziness

Sometimes women do act a bit crazy, some more than others. But your man doesn’t mind the crazy in you and you don’t feel shy to be yourself when you’re with them. They make you feel comfortable in your skin without judging you for anything.

He shows up when you need help

If he is the person you think to call when something is wrong, there’s no question that you’re in love.

But if he the person who actually shows up when things are going wrong, then he might be in love too.

According to psychotherapist Christine Scott-Hudson:

“Pay twice as much attention to how someone treats you than what they say. Anybody can say they love you, but behavior doesn’t lie. If someone says they value you, but their actions indicate otherwise, trust their behavior.”

He tries to make you feel better

When life gives you lemons, this man shows up and helps you make lemonade. He works hard to help you stop worrying about the little things and focus on what matters.

This is because he cares about how you’re experiencing life, and most importantly, how you’re feeling.

According to Dr. Suzana E. Flores, when someone is in love, they tend to show strong empathy:

“Someone in love will care about your feelings and your well-being…If he or she is able to show empathy or is upset when you are, not only do they have your back but they also probably have strong feelings for you.”

If he’s really there for you, helping you get over what you need to get over, then you can bet your bottom dollar he’s in love with you.

You catch him staring at you and smiling to himself. If you’ve ever witnessed that, it’s safe to say he’s crazy about you.

Actions speak louder than words.

All in all, it is a reminder to enjoy all the little stuff he does and to know that it is acts of love. He does not say that he loves you as much as you say, but his way of expressing affection is biologically different from yours.