As you may be aware, a Tiktok event has been launched. Invite And Earn. A reference link and a reference code are provided. You may now make as many new references as you like for the Tiktok App. Today we will speak about how many are true and how many are false. To know all the facts, you may read my essay below. But first, I’d want to share a few thoughts with you.

How to Earn Money from TikTok?

Step 1: Download TikTok
Step 2: Use invite code: BD90098612 to get your first bonus
Step 3: Watch videos daily to get extra bonus.
Step 4: Invite your friends and get upto (Tk.240 / each invite)

Get $$$ for Per Invite !

1: First you guys will download the Tiktok App. Then create an account with your number, Facebook or Gmail in the Tiktok App. As soon as you create an account in the Tiktok App. Then you have to click on the profile button. You will have a coin option show in yellow color at the top. You have to click on the Coin option.

2: The first thing you have to do here is do it. Invitation Code is being requested. Here you have to apply this invitation code BD90098612. You will get 30,000 points. 30,000 points. You can also make money by sharing your link in the Tiktok App.

Use Invitation Code BD90098612

3. As soon as you click on the Invite button above, you will get your Invitation Link and Invitation Code. You can download the Tiktok App to anyone by sharing your Invitation Link on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Etc.

As soon as they download and create an account. Then they will put your invitation code. You will get 60,000 Points which is Tk. 60 in Bangladeshi. And whoever puts your Invitation Code will get 30,000 Points which is Tk. 30 in Bangladesh. If you use the Tiktok App for seven days, you will get a full TK 440. When any person creates an account in Tiktok App by entering your Invitation Code, you immediately get Tk 60 as an advance. I hope you understand me well.

4: Now here you have this question in your mind. How can we withdraw our money from Tiktok App? You can withdraw all your money in Bkash from Tiktok App. And with that you can send loads to any of your numbers. Money is being given here without any tax.

Download Now Tiktok App and Start Making Easy Cash.. 😉

টিকটক এর অফার রয়েছে। প্রতি একজনের জন্য আপনি পাবেন ২৪০ টাকা। তবে আপনি নতুন ব্যাবহারকারী ব্যাক্তি দিয়ে ইন্সটল করতে হবে।
আর আপনি যদি ১৪ জনকে আপনার রেফারাল এর মাধ্যমে আপনি টিকটক ইন্সটল করান, তাহলে আপনি পাবেন ৫৭০০ টাকা।

তাহলে এখনি ইন্সটল করে নিন আর সাথে সাথে ২৪০ টাকা পেয়ে যান। এবং আপনি রিফারাল করেন ইনকাম করুন।